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Ultra femme 360 Liverpool Clinic

​Vaginal tightening is a procedure that helps women to regain lost vaginal tone, ​with Ultra Femme 360 at our Liverpool clinic.

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Ultra Femme 360 can help, as laxity of the vagina and introitus (entrance to the vagina) can occur from vaginal delivery or to be part of natural ageing process. Vaginal laxity may be a bothersome condition to patients that may impact on happiness and sexual function.Vaginal tightening is a procedure that helps women at all stages of life to regain lost vaginal tone.  At Intimate You we understand the discomfort that this can cause, and you can talk to our experts in complete confidence.You may be considering vaginal tightening after having children, as this can leave your vaginal wall loose and weak, or you may have lost vaginal tone as you’ve got older. In either case, non-invasive treatment can bring back more tone, strength and control to your vagina, and may enhance sensitivity and sexual experience for you and your partner.Postpartum sexuality is an important aspect of women’s health. Many women commonly experience postpartum sexual problems such as dyspareunia (pain during sex) due to lactational atrophic vaginitis or following perineal trauma. Consequently, painful sexual intercourse is the most common sexual problem for puerperae (period of time immediately after giving birth) and represents both a physical and psychological problem for many women and their partners. In these situations, an early and sensitive management is important in preventing long-term problems. Treatment at Intimate You can start from 3 months after delivery.Intimate You is unique in the UK in that we offer a full range of intimate health management options and our doctors, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, can advise and tailor make the best treatment journey for you.

BTL ULTRA Femme 360 is a safe, and effective non-surgical alternative to vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures. ULTRA Femme provides complete vaginal rejuvenation including labial remodeling (labia reduction) and vaginal tightening with a single device. It stimulates collagen production and enhances blood flow.The ULTRA Femme 360 procedure tightens the labia, decreases the size of the introitus (vaginal opening) and the vaginal canal, improves natural lubrication, and improves sensation. It may improve stress incontinence. ULTRA Femme 360 is painless with a warm heat sensation. No anesthesia is required and there is no downtime.

​Treatment Areas:

  • ​Rejuvenation of the vagina and entire vulvar and area including:
  • ​Plumping of Labia MajoraLifting and firming of Labia Minora
  • ​Tightening of Introitus (vaginal opening)
  • check ​Tightening of Vaginal Canal
  • check ​Tightening of Perineum
  • check ​Increased Blood Flow to Clitoris
  • check ​May decrease stress incontinence

Vaginal tightening and non-surgical labiaplasty

​How ULTRA Femme 360 Works:ULTRA Femme 360 uses two attachments to address the two target areas, the vaginal canal and the labial area. For the treatment of the labia, the entire vulvar area is heated using radio frequency to stimulate collagen synthesis and blood supply for rejuvenation and heightened sensitivity. Focused thermal energy disrupts old collagen fibres, encouraging new ones to form. When treating the vaginal canal, a different attachment is used and inserted to access the entire vaginal canal. Radio frequency is transmitted into the vaginal mucosa to stimulate the production of new collagen and enhanced blood flow.The ULTRA Femme 360 Process:ULTRA Femme 360 allows patients the ability to address the area or areas of concern to them. You can choose to treat the vaginal canal, labia, or both at the same treatment session.A water -based gel is first applied to the skin of the labia area and the radio frequency energy is delivered in pulses as the hand-piece is moved across the area. For the vagina a special adapter is used to treat the entire vaginal canal. There is no pain or irritation during the procedure, only a warming sensation. Treatment time is short, usually 20 – 30 minutes in total for vaginal and labial treatment.A treatment of four sessions, spaced one to two weeks apart is conducted to achieve the optimal results. Some improvements can usually be seen and felt immediately post treatment, with the full results being achieved 4 week after your final treatment as the collagen continues to remodel. Maintenance treatments may be recommended annually.

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