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This Morning hits another bum note!

Brave volunteer dressed in her underwear tests beauty treatment that claims to give bottom as pert as Kylie's in 30 minutes

  • Dubbed the ‘lunch hour bum lift’, ‘Exilis Elite’ is a non-surgical treatment
  • Claims to melt fat using radiowaves and ultrasound
  • Then uses heat to stimulate production of collagen
  • Result is a toned and pert bottom 
  • Mother-of-three Carlie, 31, agreed to try it on today’s This Morning
  • Posed for before and after pictures in her knickers 

A brave volunteer took to the nation’s TV screens to trial a new beauty treatment dubbed the ‘lunch hour bum lift’ which claims to give a bottom as pert as Kylie’s in just half an hour.

The ‘Exilis Elite’, a non-surgical treatment that promises to lift and tone the derriere for a smoother, toned appearance, was given a road test on ITV show This Morning.

Mother-of-three Carlie, 31, agreed to appear on the show to have the treatment live on air – and pose for before and after pictures in her knickers.

The daytime show is no stranger to subjecting viewers to near nudity. In the past they have shown breasts and testicles being examined in features to promote cancer awareness.

The programme also got into trouble in February when they received hundreds of complaints for a ‘Bondage For Beginners’ segment showing a couple testing sex toys in their underwear.

Today’s bum note was in the name of beauty to test the claims made by the Exilis Elite treatment.

Dr Anita Sturnham performed the procedure on Carlie as she lay face down on a massage bed in the ITV studio.

Despite being watched by millions, she said it was a relaxing experience that felt like a hot stone massage.

Describing how the treatment works, Dr Sturnham said the radio and ultrasound waves are applied to the skin for 15 minutes to break up and dissolve fat, likening it to ‘butter melting in a sauce pan.’

She said this ‘melted’ fat is then rinsed away by the body’s lymphatic system.

Stage two of the treatment – again 15 minutes long – is then said to use heat to stimulate the product of collagen which tightens and tones the skin.

Dr Sturnham explains: ‘It’s natural collagen remodelling by heating more superficially the dermal layer of the skin.

‘Your fibre blast cells in your dermal layer get a message to say “there’s heat, our collagen bonds are breaking we need to make more”, so then they make more than was there in the first place. So we melt the fat away and then we tighten the skin over the top.’

The beauty treatment isn’t just for bottoms as Dr Sturnham said it can also be used on other parts of the body, for example to tone up saggy jowls and banish bingo wings.

Presenter Phillip Schofield joked to Carlie that they would return to ‘check your bum out’ later.

When they did, before and after pictures did not reveal too much of a transformation.

But Dr Sturnham said: ‘It has definitely lifted and is much smoother and we have only done the first stage of the treatment. Another 15 minutes will improve the lift further.’

Carlie said she did feel different. ‘It does look higher on one side,’ she admitted.

Dr Sturnham said the results would be more noticeable with four treatments once a week – which doesn’t come cheap at £200 a treatment.

After the four treatments, she said the pertness can be maintained with a healthy diet and lifestyle but satisfied customers do return once or twice a year to maintain the look.

Unlike when the Bondage for Beginners segment was aired viewers did not react in outrage to seeing a scantily-clad woman on morning TV.

Many did take to Twitter to express how they were amused and skeptical about the treatment though using ‘#BumLiftLive’.

Victoria RK tweeted: ‘What a load of utter tosh. Go to the gym folks #BumLiftLive’

Dave Smith ‏also doubted the claims to melt fat tweeting: ‘What a load of rubbish, so if we all sit in a hot bath everyday we can melt our fat?’

Meanwhile others said they couldn’t see any difference in the before and after shots and observed that Carlie had a ‘perfect’ bottom already.

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