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​Emsella – Incontinence and urinary symptoms after menopause

​BTL EMSELLA is a revolutionary, non-invasive and painless treatment for all types of urinary incontinence, minor pelvic floor prolapse, and vaginal laxity.


​The BTL Emsella


​BTL Emsella

​The muscles of the pelvic floor are also weakened as oestrogen levels go down around and after menopause.  This produces problems with bladder control and URINARY INCONTINENCE.  Stress incontinence is characterized by pressure from coughing, laughing, sneezing, running, jumping or lifting heavy objects causing leaks.  Urge incontinence is when you really need to get to the toilet quickly to prevent leaks.  Many women experience a mixture of both types, mixed incontinence.​The treatment is delivered by comfortably sitting on an ergonomic chair, fully clothed.  Electromagnetic technology deeply penetrates and stimulates in a targeted fashion the muscles of the pelvic floor, so strengthening the pelvic floor and tightening the vaginal walls.

BTL Emsella is up to 95% effective in treatment of urinary incontinence and sexual satisfaction is increased.  Treatment courses typically comprise 6-8 sessions delivered at 48h intervals and are individually tailored to a client’s needs.  The treatment is so powerful that during one 28 minute treatment 11,200 contractions of the pelvic floor are provoked, which is equivalent to performing 11,200 pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises!


​Close to 50% of women develop vulvovaginal atrophy after the menopause.  This underreported condition produces symptoms such which include urinary frequency, urgency, urge incontinence and more frequent urinary tract infections.At Intimate You we offer MONALISA TOUCH, an innovative laser procedure that delivers fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue.  The procedure is performed in the clinic without the need for any anaesthetic and with virtually no pain or side effects.  After 3 treatments, success right is high in producing a significant improvement in the urinary symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy.The MonaLisa Touch treatment stimulates blood flow to the affected areas, bringing healing and rejuvenation to the pelvic floor muscles, vaginal walls and urethra. Increased blood flow and better tissue tone reduces pain and leads to better urinary function. Many women report an immediate improvement in their symptoms.

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